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5 Senses Gift Ideas for Him {Ultimate List of 5 Senses Gift Ideas + Free Gift Tags}

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Need a great gift idea for the man in your life? This list of 5 senses gift idea for him is the place to start! Scroll down for the ultimate list of gifts for each of the five senses!

Then, print out our FREE 5 senses gift tags to complete your one-of-a-kind gift!

I know how hard it is to find unique and clever gift ideas, especially for the men in your life!

So, today, I’m sharing a fun gift idea-a 5 senses gift!

Read on to learn all about 5 senses gifts, read our guide with LOTS of ideas, and then print out the free printables 5 senses gift tags.

Giving creative, meaningful gifts is absolutely one of the things that make me happy. I hope these ideas can help make you (or your man) happy, too!

Let’s get started….

five senses gift
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

What is a 5 Senses Gift?

A five senses gift is exactly what it sounds like-a compilation of five gifts, one each focusing on taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch.

We all know our fives senses are crucial in experiencing life to it’s fullest. This gift idea builds on that, and helps you create a sensual, well-rounded gift full of useful & thoughtful items.

It’s the ultimate in gift giving for that hard-to-buy-for someone in your life.

Create a five senses gift for your boyfriend, husband, dad, son, brother, uncle or friend! There’s no one who wouldn’t appreciate this creative gift idea.

Below, find our list of ideas for gifts for each sense.

Scroll down to find our FREE printable senses gift tags!

What Do You Put in a Five Senses Gift?

This can be a bit tricky! Obviously some of the senses are easier to find a gift idea for than others, but that is where this post comes in.

Under each sense below (smell, sight, taste, hearing, touch) you will find a list of appropriate gift ideas, in various price points.

Let’s begin….

Sense of Smell Gifts

High quality sense of smell gifts are among my very favorite gifts to give!

I always have either a candle or essential oil diffuser going in my house (when I’m home, of course!), and I think good smells are such a big part of creating a cozy space.

Here are some of my picks for the best sense of smell gifts for him….

-candles (this is my favorite candle for him)

-car air fresheners


essential oil diffuser

-essential oils

shower steamers

-reed diffuser

-essential oil soap set (I love this soap set for him, and it’s a great price)


-beard oil


Sense of Sight Gifts

Sense of sight gifts sound like a tricky category at first, but there really are so many options!

Some are definitely pricier than others, but there’s a variety of ideas for every budget on this list.

Here are some of my picks for the best sense of sight gifts for him….

-posters or art prints

-movie tickets

-subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu or BritBox

-wooden sign (here’s one for whiskey lovers)



-books or magazines

-tickets to a play, musical, or other performance

gel eye patches

-tickets to a sporting event


-unique reading glasses

color changing pine cones

color changing fire packs

Sense of Taste Gifts

This is probably the easiest category to find a gift for.

From spirits and wine, to sweets and savory treats, the only problem will be choosing just one tasty gift!

Here are some of my picks for the best sense of taste gifts for him….

-gift box from SnackMagic

-high-end olive oil (this is my current favorite olive oil brand)

-artisan nut butters


-Starbucks gift card

-coupon for a date night (we have lots of date night ideas to consider)

-restaurant gift card

Hello Fresh gift card

tea bag assortment

-hot chocolate mix

-coffee mugs

-wine glasses

-shot glasses


-high end chocolates (these truffles are one of my favorites)

collection of hot sauces

Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set

Explorer Cold Brew

Match Made Coffee (coffee and cookies subscription)

Well Told glassware

meat subscription service

-wine subscription service (we enjoy Firstleaf)

Sense of Hearing Gifts

It was super fun to research and compile sense of hearing gifts.

You can choose anything from music subscriptions to earbuds to concert tickets and so much more!

There’s a variety of gifts in this category for all budgets!

Here are some of my picks for the best sense of hearing gifts for him….

Apple AirPods Pro

-more budget friendly in-ear wireless earbuds

wireless over-ear headphones

-concert tickets

-subscription to Apple Music or Pandora

-Apple gift card to spend on music

-sound machine (this is the sound machine I use)

-record player


Audible membership


-wind chimes (yes, you can find some more masculine wind chime options)

Sense of Touch Gifts

This is another favorite category of five senses gifts.

The sense of touch can lend itself to so many gift ideas.

From items of clothing and accessories to massage gifts and throw blankets, there is something for everyone.

You should also consider something simple yet personal like a custom photo blanket or phone case. There will be a lot of options to choose from!

Here are some of my picks for the best sense of touch gifts for him….

-black charcoal face cleanser

-throw blanket (here is an inexpensive fleece throw to consider)

-skin purifying mask

-cozy/fleece socks


energizing body wash

massage oil

-back scratcher

-neck massage pillow

back massager


-merino wool scarf


-hat or baseball cap

-heated blanket/electric throw

Belt Buckles: A great accessory, custom belt buckles are more personalized and can be customized with special elements such as names, letters, etc. He can wear it to match various styles of clothes and will become his special accessory gift.

Printable Five Senses Gift Tags

I’ve created this super simple five senses gift tag set for you to download, print out and attach to your gifts.

five senses gift tags

Because these tags are black and white, they will use very little ink and are perfect for printing on your home computer.

You can print on cardstock or photo paper to make them nice and thick.

Simply print out (link below), cut out, and punch holes in the top. Attach with string or twine to your gift bags or wrapped gifts.

These print well on 8.5×11 paper, but you can also print onto 5×7 paper (gift tags will just print out smaller). If you print on colored cardstock, you can make them any color you choose without using your printer ink!

Click link below, download to your computer, and then print and attach to your gifts. It’s as simple as that!

Five Senses Gift Tags -Free Printable

I’d love to hear about your experience with a 5 senses gift! What ideas did I forget on my list? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks so much for reading all about our 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Him {Ultimate List of 5 Senses Gift Ideas}!

Have a great day!

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