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Make a “Life is Beauty Full” Wood Sign

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Making distressed, wooden signs isn’t hard! With this technique, you can easily make one in about an hour!

Hand-lettering your own wooden signs is easy, takes few materials, and you can create something totally custom and one-of-a-kind.

Yes, lots of techniques are out there…painting over letter stickers is a popular one, especially when creating subway art. Letter stencils are another easy method.

Neither was what I was after, though. I wanted something that would give me large letters, and I also didn’t like the line “breaks” that you see in letter stencils.

(I shared a very similiar technique when I first started my blog on my Wooden Welcome Sign Tutorial, but I wanted to reshare it here!)

life is beauty full sign

Materials Needed:
computer and printer

paint marker
craft paint

Step One: Find a font that you want to recreate, and, using your word processing software, type out and print out exactly what you want the sign to say.

Also, make your letters the exact size you want them to be in the finished product.

Step Two: Cut out each individual letter (leave a border of white around each letter), and place each letter exactly where you want it on your wood.

Take your pencil (I used a mechanical pencil with no lead showing), and outline each of your letters.

letter L

The marks will be visible, but only barely!

Step Three: (This, by the way, is where real artists probably want to stop reading-if they haven’t already!) Outline your letters using a paint pen.

sharpie paint marker

Step Four: Using a small paintbrush and craft paint. Fill in your letters (I needed two coats).

I’d love to hear any tips you all have for how to make a wood sign!

Thanks so much for reading all about how to Make a “Life is Beauty Full” Wood Sign! Have a great day!

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