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How to Turn Plates into Clocks

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Ever wanted to learn how to turn a plate into a clock? This easy DIY shows you how!

drilling through a plate

Back when I had an Etsy shop, these were one of our best sellers.

It’s so simple to turn a plate into a clock, and they make great gifts!

pretty plate (Anthropologie and Home Goods always have a great selection)
clockwork supplies
drill and 5/16th ceramic bit

Step 1: Mark the center of your plate. Using your hammer and nailset, make a small indentation in the center of your plate (this is to keep your drill from slipping when you go to drill your hole).

Step 2: Using your drill and ceramic bit (I think you can also find glass bits as well, depending on the composition of your plate), drill a hole through the plate. Spray with water as you do so to keep dust and bits of glass to a minimum (it can get rather messy!)

Step 3: Admire your handiwork…

Step 4: Insert your clockwork…
and you’re done!

So simple to make, and such a great craft idea to sell, gift or display in your own home!

Thanks for reading!

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