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watercolor canvas DIY

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Canvas DIY projects are some of my very favorite crafts to make. They tend to be inexpensive, versatile, and perfect for beginners.

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watercolor canvas 1

I created these watercolor canvases, with a watery, washed-out feel, and they’re perfect in our foyer! Here’s how I did it…

5×7 flat canvases
watercolor paints
watercolor brush
painters tape

Step 1: Take your painters tape, and tape a border around each canvas. I made my border width the same width as the painters tape, but obviously you can change this up if you want.

watercolor canvas 2

Step 2: Decide on the color scheme for your canvas, and start applying your first color. I made this one all blue, and I wanted it to go from dark (navy) to light, though, as you can see in the first photo, I decided it hang it upside down instead.

Step 2: Add a second color, blending it into the first. If it’s not blending well, just add a little bit of water to your brush and apply it where the two colors meet.

If it’s too watery, just take a paper towel and blot the excess. Watercolors are very forgiving like that.

Step 3: Keep adding and blending colors until you are satisfied with the end result…

watercolor canvas 3

Step 4: Remove the tape. Because of the texture of the canvas and the wateriness (is that even a word??) of the paint, you will probably not get very precise lines, even if you firmly press down your painters tape at the beginning, like I did.

This is OK! Even better, in my opinion. But, if there are places where the paint is bleeding more than you’d like, there’s an easy fix….

watercolor canvas 4

…just take some white acrylic paint and a clean brush, and fix any areas you aren’t happy with.

watercolor canvas 5

At about $2 for all three canvases, and paint that I already had on hand, this was quite the low-budget, high-impact project.

We have lots more easy craft projects here!

Have a great day!

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