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DIY Sticker Book {How to Make a Reusable Sticker Book for Kids}

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Wondering how to make a reusable sticker book? DIY sticker books are so fun and easy. I’ll show you how to put one together today & tell you the best place for cheap stickers!

Sticker books are one of my favorite crafty gift ideas for kids!

It’s easy to make a reusable sticker book, and a perfect way to start a sticker collection!

My daughter and a friend made sticker books the other day, and they had so much fun putting them together and taking turns adding stickers to their books.

Not to mention, it’s a great activity for rainy days (for another, check out these painted rock ideas).

make a sticker book

So today, I’m going to take you step by step on how to make sticker books for kids.

You don’t need many supplies to make these. I made three of of them for under $30!

DIY Sticker Books

placing sticker in sticker book

First, let’s talk about the supplies you need to make a reusable sticker book.

Sticker Book Supplies

What is Best to Use for a Sticker Book?

binder for sticker books

These presentation binders with plastic sleeves are the perfect start to your DIY sticker book.

This is a three-pack and is a great value if you are making more than one. You can choose from several color options (or buy just one, if you’d like).

These are 8.5×11″, have 12 pockets (24 pages), durable covers, and a clear sleeve on the front cover so you can make a custom cover for your book.

Best Paper for Sticker Books

paper sticker book

A big pack of colored cardstock makes the perfect pages for sticker books!

This cardstock is a fantastic price, and comes in so many different colors.

You don’t want cardstock that is too thick, as it may make it harder to peel stickers off the pages. This is the perfect weight-durable, yet flexible.

Where to Buy Cheap Stickers

The best part of having a sticker book is, of course, the stickers!

There are so many places to buy stickers, and they range from inexpensive to fairly pricey!

I’ve found that the difference between cheap stickers and expensive stickers is mostly the sheen and texture.

Pricier stickers are more likely to be glittery, shiny, metallic and iridescent.

Less expensive stickers tend to have a flatter, less unique sheen and finish to them.

Here are my picks for cheap stickers for your DIY sticker books:

Sticker Set for Boys and Girls

3D Puffy Sticker Set (over 1000 stickers)

Stickers for Girls (over 1500)

diy sticker book

Make a Reusable Sticker Book

Ok! Let’s get to the step by step on how to make your own sticker books!

These are super simple and do not require hole punchers, scissors, or any other equipment.

They couldn’t be easier and make a fun craft idea or birthday party craft.

Let’s get started…

DIY Sticker Book {How to Make a Reusable Sticker Book for Kids}

diy sticker book

Wondering how to make a reusable sticker book? DIY sticker books are so fun and easy. I'll show you how to put one together today & tell you the best place for cheap stickers!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty easy


  1. If your sticker book has a clear cover, you can print out (or have your child illustrate) a personalized cover. Mine simply said "____'s sticker book."
  2. Insert cardstock in each of the clear pages of the sticker book. I took two sheets, different colors, and inserted them back to back so that each page was a different color. You can also use scrapbook paper for this!
  3. And that's it! Open up your stickers and let the fun begin.


Make sure your sticker book pages and cardstock pages are the same size to prevent having pages that are too big or too small for the sticker book.

Because the presentation book pages are plastic, stickers should be removeable and reusable!

Reusuable Sticker Book for Adults

I recently got asked if this sticker book could be used for adults, too.

The answer, of course, was DEFINITELY!

How would I make this sticker book differently if I was making for an adult?

I think the only thing I would do is create a simpler cover page, and I might use only white cardstock pages for the inside so the stickers can really stand out.

If you are an adult who loves sticker books, I’d love to hear what you think!

I hope this post gave you ideas for making your own sticker books!

Looking for more fun activities for older kids and teens to do? Check out our favorite YouTube Video Ideas for Kids!

Thanks so much for reading all about our DIY Sticker Book {How to Make a Sticker Book for Kids}.

Have a great day!

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