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how to frame dishtowels {easy kitchen art}

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Using dishtowels as wall art is creative, easy, and inexpensive! Today’s post will show you how!

This is a much cheaper option than prints or canvas art, and it guarantees almost no one else will have the same art as you. Just grab a dishtowel or two…

Take out the cardboard backing from your frame and wrap the dishtowel around it.

Using painters tape, tape the dishtowel to your backing, pulling the towel taut as you tape….

Why painters tape? As much as I like to change things up and switch things out in my home, I didn’t want to make it so I couldn’t use these towels as, well, dishtowels again in the future. I can easily unframe, untape, and no harm would have been done to them.

Insert the backing (on top of the glass) into your frame, and continue to tape so that no excess fabric is hanging from the frame.

After I hung the frame back on the wall, I noticed the frame didn’t lay flat against the wall…

A little bit of foam tape on the bottom corner of the frame fixed that.

I love non-traditional, outside-the-box wall art. What kinds of things do you like to use as art in your home?

Looking for more ideas? This post as 50+ DIY wall art ideas, and if this post has 50+ free printables for your home! 

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