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shabby flower pillow tutorial

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Love making pillows? This easy shabby flower pillow tutorial features a gorgeous, shabby chic linen flower. Perfect for all styles of decor (or give as a gift!)

pillow tutorial

I loved creating this shabby flower pillow. It’s perfect for that rustic cottage style of decor that’s so popular now. I used linen fabric, but you could also make this out of patterned fabrics to match any color scheme or holiday!

flower pillow tutorial by burlap+blue

flower pillow tutorial by burlap+blue

 Here’s how I did it:

Supplies Needed:
fabric (I used linen)
sewing machine
zipper (if desired)

Step 1:
Create your “petals”. I’ll explain the technique briefly, you can refer to the tutorial linked above if you need additional help.
Cut out a half-circle template out of cardstock. Place on a double layer of fabric and cut. Take your two layers of fabric and stitch around the curve.

Step 2: Take sew petals and turn inside out. Press flat. Take petals and arrange your first layer on your pillow fabric.

Step 3: Stitch petals down to fabric. Repeat for second layer of petals.

Step 4: Continue creating petals and attaching them to pillow front. I did 5 layers total, and, for layers 2-4, I cut down my template and made the petals slightly smaller. I then cut down the template further for the fifth and final layer.

Step 5: Almost there! Now you are ready to create your flower’s center. I did this by taking small circles of fabric and folding them once (into a half circle) and again (folding them into a cone shape). Either hot glue or sew your petals shut. Take your petals and hot glue them into a circle onto a small piece of fabric. Once your outer circle is complete, continue layering and working into the center of the circle.

Step 6: Glue or stitch your flower’s center onto your pillow fabric. Lastly, sew your pillow together in the method of your choice!

So easy! Thanks for reading!

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