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How to Make a Personalized Vinyl Tumbler

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Looking for an easy gift idea? Or maybe a creative craft to make and sell? These Personalized Vinyl Tumblers are inexpensive to make and are the perfect gift giving idea!

I’m always on the lookout for easy craft and gift ideas.

These personalized tumblers just require two supplies: clear tumblers with straws, and vinyl decals!

vinyl tumbler

Step 1: All you need for this project are the decal kits from Belvedere Designs (click here for the Single Monogram Tumbler Decal Kit, and here for the Triple Monogram Decal Kit) and plain acrylic tumblers.

clear tumblers

Step 2: Let’s begin!

We’ll be doing this in two parts. We’ll first apply the initial decal and then we’ll apply the polka dot decals. First, place the initial on the cup, and, using the tape as a hinge, flip up decals and peel off backing.

Lay decal back down carefully. Starting from the center, squeegee the vinyl decals firmly. 

Carefully peel back the transfer tape. To do this, start at a corner and peel the transfer tape off at a 180 degree angle-back and down rather than up and away.

If necessary, use your fingers to press down on the letters as you peel back the tape.

vinyl tumbler

Step 3: Using the same technique, apply each of your polka dots onto your tumblers.

vinyl tumbler

And that’s it! I made two for my son’s preschool teachers at the end of last year and filled with them single serve drink packets. I kept the third tumbler for myself 🙂

vinyl tumbler

Thanks so much for reading all about How to Make a Personalized Vinyl Tumbler!

Have a great day!

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