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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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Sharing some favorite, outside-the-box ideas to traditional christmas trees!

Maybe you love to put a unique spin on traditional holiday decor, or maybe you just dislike the idea of lugging home a tree, lugging it back out after the holidays, and still finding needles in your home months after Christmas.

christmas tree alternatives

Whatever the reason, I have 10 christmas tree alternatives that may make even the most enthusiastic tree trimmer rethink their holiday decor!

alternative christmas tree ideas

From free people, this alternative tree idea uses items from nature, as well as postcards and other interesting pieces of paper.

washi tape tree

Homey Oh My had this adorable idea to create a tree from washi tape. Use small ornaments, more washi tape, or other tiny items to decorate.

beaded christmas tree

Handmade Charlotte never disappoints, and this beaded Christmas tree is no exception! She shares a full tutorial on her blog.

ice cream cone christmas trees

These ice cream cone Christmas trees are a fun family craft…place them in the center of your dining table to double as a creative centerpiece!

washi tape christmas trees

burlap+blue shares these washi tape Christmas trees...make them in any size you want and display around your home for easy decor!

photo tree

This photo display tree from Emily Henderson is a modern and unique Christmas tree alternative!

pvc pipe christmas tree

A PVC pipe Christmas tree is a darling alternative to a traditional tree…this one is super cute and from Martha Stewart.

Did you find an alternative Christmas tree on this list you love?

So many creative and fun ideas!

Thanks so much for reading all about our Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas. Have a great day!

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