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Free Summer Camping Printables for Kids

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Have you scheduled your family summer camping trip yet? Whether it’s a trip to the desert or deep in the woods, camping trips can unite a family with team bonding and minimal technology.

Although camping trips are rewarding, planning a trip for the family can be time consuming, especially when young children are part of the equation.

camping printables for kids

A successful way to keep kids engaged during camping trips are through printables. CarRentals put together this list of 14 different camping games for kids — complete with custom printables — which include scavenger hunts, packing lists and animal tracks explorer cards.

Scroll down to download all camping printables!

Before your family hits the road, include your kids in the packing process. This may seem small, but some kids get excited to take on more responsibility.

The camping packing list printable helps your children organize items for sleeping, clothing, personal, kitchen and more. If this is their first time, try making this a team activity to avoid leaving any personal items behind.

A fun printable for the whole family is the camping scavenger hunt. This activity takes little time to prepare because you don’t have to hide the clues. All of the items on this printable (like marshmallow and pine cones) most likely found near your campsite or your neighbors.

Camping Supplies Game

Our camping supplies game is great for young children who aren’t quite ready to help pitch a tent and set up the campsite. Instead, let them practice on their own with this camping supplies game where they can arrange their own campsite on paper.

Animal Tracks Explorer

The campsite and its surrounding areas are prime places for kids to scout out different animal tracks. Print out these animal tracks cards, punch a hole in the upper left corner of each, and secure them with some yarn or a metal ring so your child doesn’t lose them. Searching for animal tracks is a sure fire way to keep kiddos busy during your trip — there are even some fun facts in there for endless learning opportunities.

My Camping Journal

Do you have a budding journalist on your hands? Giving your child a camping journal is the perfect way to teach them to document memories, get them excited for the next camping trip and expand their writing skills. Encourage them to write about their experiences in a creative way.

Camping Scavenger Hunt

One of the great things about scavenger hunts is that you don’t have to spend time making and hiding clues. The players search for things that already exist. A scavenger hunt is a fun family game that can be done in teams (i.e., as part of a relay) or solo, plus it’s a good tool for teaching your child to observe their surroundings.

Test Your Outdoor Safety Skills

Teach young kids about outdoor safety in an engaging way. Because this game can have more than one answer, kids can make new discoveries every time they play and contribute their own ideas about how to stay safe.

Summer Camp Out Word Search

Summer means school’s out, but that doesn’t mean your child’s brain needs to check out. Word search puzzles help kids think. Looking for camping-themed words in all directions will also keep your kids occupied long enough for you to take in the peace and quiet of nature.

Camping Packing List

Giving children the responsibility of packing their own camping gear is bound to get them involved in the excitement of the trip. Try planning the packing list together and double-check their packing job before leaving home to save yourself any headaches. Keep organized by having your kids pack personal items in a duffel bag and encouraging them to always return all items to the duffel.

More Camping Games for Kids

No matter where you set off to this summer, the key to a successful camping adventure is always preparation and these games are a great start to make sure there are fun filled activities throughout your whole trip.

These camping printables are bound to personalize your child’s camping adventure and get them excited for the next time you hit the road and explore the great outdoors.

Looking for more camping fun? This printable list of states is fun for some memorization practice during long car rides!

Thanks for reading all about our Free Summer Camping Printables for Kids. Have a great day!

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