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how to arrange flowers

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diy fall flower arrangement

One of my favorite parts of fall is the gorgeous array of fall blooms available. I love the colors and textures of fall flowers, especially mums, and I couldn’t wait to add some of these beauties to my home. This arranging technique is easy, and requires minimal materials. Let’s get started…

foam floral ball
mum stems (you can use any flower you want, though)


Step 1: Gather your supplies, and soak your floral ball in water. This doesn’t take long, the foam quickly absorbed the water I added to the bowl.

Step 2: Trim your flowers, leaving about an inch or so of stem on each flower. I found my mum bushes at Kroger…and they were on sale for $2.99…I bought two, but actually only used one.

Step 3: Place your ball into your vase, and start inserting the flowers into the foam. I found that they went in easier if I used a wooden skewer to pre-make the holes. Depending on how thick your stems are, this may not be necessary.

Keep going….you’re almost there….

And that’s it! Super simple, and such a fun dose of color and texture for your fall home decor!

Thanks for reading, have a fantastic day!

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