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How to Decorate a Vase {Using Mod Podge!}

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Looking for an easy and quick way to decorate a plain vase? Use this idea for vases around your home, easy gifts, or for party decor!

I love easy craft ideas that don’t cost a lot of money.

If you have a collection of plain jane vases lying around your house, you’ll want to try this easy method for decorating them!

decorate a vase

How to Decorate a Vase {Using Mod Podge!}

Full DIY card is below!

Here’s what you’ll need to make one of your own…

how to decorate a vase

In the DIY card, I linked to a watercolor pan set, which may be easier if you’re a beginner. The tube watercolors are great, but tend to be a bit more expensive.

Or, you can learn how to make natural pigments if you’d like to DIY the process!

Here’s my paper, cut to fit my jar and ready for the next step!

diy vase

And here’s my paper halfway through my painting, and then when I was done!

watercolor on paper
watercolor paper

My jar is coated with Mod Podge, and ready for the (dry!) paper to be inserted….

vase diy

Added my small jar with water to my larger jar, inserted my flowers and voila!

mod podged vase

How to Decorate a Vase

watercolor vase

Looking for an easy and quick way to decorate a plain vase? Use this idea for vases around your home, easy gifts, or for party decor!

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $20



    Gather your supplies and cut a piece of your watercolor paper to fit inside your glass jar.

    The best glass jars not tapered; they have straight sides. This will help make adhering the paper inside the jar easier. You’ll also need a smaller jar to fit inside the larger jar.

    I found both of my jars at Hobby Lobby for under $4!

    Use your watercolors to paint your paper. You could also do this project with scrapbook, wrapping or leftover wallpaper!

    I’m not a watercolor expert, but I’ll try to talk you through what I did:)

    I started by applying shades of blue and green across the paper, using plenty of water.

    Then, I went back and added swashes of color, blending as I went and adding more water as needed to help the colors blend together. Let dry completely.

    Once paper is fully dry, coat the inside of your jar with Mod Podge.

    Insert your paper, and press firmly to adhere it to the jar. Once dry, apply several coats of Mod Podge over the paper, letting dry between coats.

    Once dry, take your smaller jar and insert it into your larger one. Since Mod Podge isn’t waterproof, you won’t want to add water directly to your vase.

    Cut your flower, insert into your vase, and you’re done!

Thanks so much for reading all about how to decorate a vase!

Have a lovely day!

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