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Harry Potter Party Games

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Need some easy Harry Potter Party Games for a party? This is the ultimate list of ideas!

Harry Potter parties are so popular right now, and for good reason!

I’ve personally read all the books (twice!), as has my 11 year old, and there are so many great characters and items from the books that lend themselves to some awesome game ideas, Harry Potter crafts and Harry Potter printables.

If you’re planning a Harry Potter-themed birthday party, this post is for you!

harry potter party games

Harry Potter Party Games

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite Harry Potter Party Games, followed by some fun and awesome Harry Potter Board Games!

Harry Potter Party Games

Need some easy Harry Potter Party Games for a party? This is the ultimate list of ideas!

Harry Potter Board Games

Sometimes, it’s just easier to purchase a game than it is to make it!

These Harry Potter board games are perfect for birthday parties and game nights, and they also make fantastic holiday gifts!

harry potter trivial pursuit

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit allows you to step into the Hogwarts library and answer 600 questions based on the Harry Potter movies.

First player to answer 12 questions correctly wins and bragging rights for head student at Hogwarts!

harry potter clue

Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Mystery, is a suspenseful game of “whodunit”. All of the artwork and characters inspired by the Wizarding World Harry Potter universe.

Move around the board as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville, as you try to discover who vanished, what spell was used, and where the crime happened.

harry potter crochet kit

This Harry Potter Crochet Kit isn’t a game, necessarily, but it’s the perfect Harry Potter-themed gift for anyone who is crafty!

Create your own magic and conjure up these adorable figures of “the boy who lived” and his friends. All the spells you need to make amigurumi dolls of Harry Potter and Dobby are included: yarn, stuffing, needle and thread, safety eye beads, and the special magic wand crochet hook!

A 76-page instruction book gives step-by-step directions to make ten more magical models. The full-color photos will ensure your projects turn out completely enchanting.

harry potter origami

Lastly, Harry Potter Origami is a fun craft activity for the whole family!

Kids (and adults) can experience the Wizarding World like never before with this deluxe, 112-page origami guidebook.

Packed with step-by-step instructions, fans can learn to fold fifteen unique origami pieces, including objects, creatures, and settings straight from the films of Harry Potter!

Thanks so much for reading all about our favorite Harry Potter Party Games!

Have a great day!

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